Headstone Showcase


RMW-H-186 Grey Granite Rough Boulder with Polished Face Rough kerbing Grey granite plinth Plaster finish Flower bed Large Bourmont chippings Location:  Clarinbridge Cemetery Post Views: 4


RMW-H-185 Blue Lagoon Rough Granite Headstone Rough kerbs and base Polished plinths Plaster finish Location:  Oranmore Cemetery Post Views: 22


RMW-H-174 Aoura Granite Claddagh Heart Headstone Bishop cap posts Round top kerbs Plinths and cladding on face Location: Lackagh Cemetery Post Views: 15


RMW-H-123 Blue Lagoon Granite Headstone with White Glazed Statue Round top kerbs Bishop cap posts Granite seat Flowerbed Plinths and cladding Chamfered kerbs Location: Athenry Cemetery Post Views: 13


RMW-H-132 Black Granite Headstone Chamfered kerbs Bishop cap posts Plinths and cladding No concert showing White glazed statue of Our Lady Artificial grass finish Location: Rinville Cemetery Post Views: 13


RMW-H-111 Blue Pearl Scroll Headstone Kerbs and Chamfered posts Plinths and plaster finish Seat and four quadrants Granite Lantern Artificial grass finish Location: Drumacoo Cemetery Post Views: 9


RMW-H-175 Polished Aoura Granite Gates of Heaven Round top kerbs Bishop top posts Cladding and plinths No concert showing Bronze statue of Our Lady Finished with cobbles Location: Labane Cemetery…


RMW-H-181 Honed Granite Headstone Single plot Kerbs and plinth No corner posts Ice blue chippings Location: Athenry Cemetery Post Views: 12